Straight Fertilizer

Contribute single nutrient and declarable content of one the primary plant nutrients, i.e., nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium

Compound Fertilizer

Contain multiple nutrients in each individual granule. Each item contains all nutrients formulations

Chemical Fertilizer

Obtained by mixing different fertilizer stock materials and containing more than one of the major plan nutrients.

Welcome to KBN

Established in February 2007,  KBN is a private entity company fully owned by the Malaysia Government. KBN was fully operate on 16 January 2009. 

Our main business activities are to supply Straight and Compound Fertilizers extensively to Plantation and Agriculture Agencies under the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development, Malaysia (KKLW)...Read more

KBN News

First Meeting of D-8 Ad Hoc Group On Fertilizer

Report of The 1st Meeting on D-8 Ad Hoc Group on Fertilizer 9-11 March 2013 Kish Island, IRAN Introduction The ...
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